Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads

Words By
Katherine Zamsky
July 19, 2019

The Next Industrial Evolution

Moving from fossil fuels to wind and solar, from old trucks to self driving ones, from local waste disposal to monitored waste management.  These are some examples of how technology changes industries for the better - creating an efficient infrastructure to support our ever evolving economical growth.

Our startups develop solutions in the areas of transportation, waste, agriculture, energy, and manufacturing.


Innovative ways to move goods and people

  • Cars 3D printed with advanced sustainable materials that cost less and are more durable (portfolio company: Fortify)
  • All transit modes integrated into trip planning (portfolio company: TransitScreen)
  • Self-driving trucks, turned into mobile data centers (portfolio companies: Idelic, Andium)


Technologies that manage, treat, and recycle waste

  • Hazardous waste classified and distributed through a new supply chain (portfolio company: Smarter Sorting)
  • Plastic waste replaced with biodegradable materials (portfolio company: mobius)
  • Dispatching trucks and removing waste without human intervention (portfolio companies: Andium, WastePlace)


Technologies and materials enabling sustainable farming and increased food production

  • Plastic materials used in the soil biodegradable (portfolio company: mobius)
  • Soil temperature and CO2 levels measured and managed by IoT sensors (portfolio company: Andium)
  • Farmland managed via dashboards and drones


Solutions for generating, distributing and storing energy, and managing consumption

  • Safe automated wells operated withAI and IoT (portfolio company: Andium)
  • Energy waste picked up as scheduled via waste marketplace (portfolio companies: WastePlace, Smarter Sorting)
  • Smart digital grid, energy self-produced by local users with solar and wind; distributed through marketplace


Technologies that help designers build and produce better products on demand

  • Things printed on demand with precision (portfolio company: Fortify)
  • Excess inventory identified, sorted, and distributed to channels with benefit to retailer (portfolio company: Smarter Sorting)
  • Need for owning fewer goods will arise as shared economy (rent vs. own) becomes the new mentality
We seek more audacious builders keen on disrupting older industries with new technologies.