It’s evolution baby... Our focus on the environment

Words By
Jason Cahill
July 22, 2019

From the earliest days of Fund I, we invested in companies that reduce our carbon footprint. From Transitscreen’s focus on informing the public on mass mobility options, WastePlace’s waste marketplace and Smarter Sorting’s environmental compliance technology to mobius’ compostable bio-based plastics – we have always been keen on efficient solutions to real problems.

We also invested in teams solving real problems outside the environmental realm. Novel Effect's voice platform engages with young readers, creating soundscapes built around the spoken word. SummitSync’s platform to drive engagement around conferences (which we attend frequently), and speaking of voice… Sayspring's voice design platform was a great addition to the fund.

As we look to the future, a phrase we use often to explain how we engage with teams:

  • Code
  • Capital
  • Customers

In order for us to optimize value entrepreneurs, we need to be able to not only provide capital, but also be able to connect them with the optimal customers and help find the best teammates moving forward.

As we built deeper networks in energy, agriculture, transportation, waste, and manufacturing, our ability to be truly helpful to companies inside these areas became more profound.

At Carbon Ventures, we envision a future where advanced technologies become catalysts for change in carbon reduction.

Whether that’s advanced composite manufacturing, like Fortify’s magnetized carbon fiber that reduces manufacturing waste by 400%, Idelic's machine learning platform to reduce risk and waste within the transportation space or Andium's IoT platform that dramatically improves oil-field efficiencies, we believe that there has never been a better time to invest in our future.

While we continue to support our Fund I companies (and love them dearly) we have taken the bold new direction to singularly focus on technologies attacking carbon pollution.